Thursday, November 1, 2007

Why New Hampshire Likes McCain

Senator McCain has an advantage when it comes to New Hampshire. His personality fits the personality of the state. New Hampshirites connect with the state motto, ‘Live Free or Die’. It’s on our license plates and it’s on state welcome signs. Periodically someone complains that it’s a bit harsh for as a greeting to tourists. The typical response is, ‘Too bad that’s our motto; don’t like it don’t come here.’ New Hampshire is a conservative state that has both a libertarian and independent streak. This is part of the reason Senator McCain fits in well up here. It’s a state that prefers a conservative free thinker. The common request of government is stay out of my pocketbook, stay out of my life. It’s also a state supportive of people who serve in uniform. Senator McCain’s service, commitment to eliminating wasteful spending, and strong character all serve him well in this state. While the polls may favor a neighboring Governor at this time, New Hampshire is not a state that can simply be bought through advertising. In the end Senator McCain reflects the character of New Hampshire even better than his locally residing competition. Reprint from Blogs4McCain -

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