Thursday, April 24, 2008

Expanding McCain's Online Presence

While the McCain online presence has lagged behind the Democrats, there has been a recent increase in supporter run pages. A key element of connecting and promoting the average McCain blogger or site owner has been the McCain Victory 08 Blog Roll. This lists many of the active pro-McCain sites on the web. Some of these sites are strictly dedicated to supporting Senator McCain for President, while others focus on other topics yet also are signed on as McCain supporters. For example this post was originally published at Broad Side of the Barn, a site with a broad focus yet often used to host McCain related pages like the McCain Traffic page. An affiliate of that site is Purple People Vote, a site for Independents and Moderates that is focused on the presidential race. Yet recently there has been the addition of sites like McCain Google Groups, which focuses on state based volunteering and resouces. A couple new and promising social network sites have emerged, McCain Now and John McCain 2008. These site include a variety of features such as individual blogs, and topic discussions. They add a new wrinkle to McCain SocNets; though MySpace and Facebook still have active McCain groups too. A couple of the major McCain contributor based blogs include Blogs 4 McCain and Blogs for McCain Victory. There is always a need to increase the reach of the McCain online presence. For those who would like to become bloggers, or would like blogging tips there is McCain Blogger Resources. It includes a simple how to article for McCain supporters to set up there own blog. As more sites go online an join the growing McCain blogger/online volunteer community the message and reach of the McCain campaign is given a better opportunity to grow. Bloggers, site owners, network managers all welcome newcomers and hope you will consider volunteering online and off.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Liberal Smear Campaign

Dear McCain Supporter,

George Soros the "liberal megadonor" is at it again. He and his group of billionaire left-wing Democrats have pledged $40 million dollars of soft money to smear John McCain in a national television ad campaign.

In an article published in Politico, it was reported that Paul Begala and David Brock met with a gang of Manhattan liberals at the home of George Soros to outline their plans for a $40 million dollar ad campaign against Senator McCain. Brock is quoted as saying the group could do the work of the press corps that has "fallen down on the job" when it comes to McCain!

Folks, that is why we need your help and we need it now. We need to be able to answer whatever smear campaigns the liberal left throws at us. Please help as we combat this base demagoguery with a donation of $50, $100, $250 or even $1000 today?
Soros and his liberal friends need to know that they cannot buy this election with their billions. With your help we will continue to get out the straight talk on the issues that Americans care about.


Rick Davis
Campaign Manager

P.S. - Billionaire George Soros has shown time after time that he is willing to fund baseless left-wing smear campaigns. Help us combat the millions he plans to use against us - please make your most generous donation right away. Many thanks.