Friday, November 9, 2007

John McCain - Alive and Kicking

It gets tiring being right all the time...or at least most of the time. I was right back in July, the "DARK DAYS" of the McCain Campaign when I posted McCain...Down but not out. I don't mean to say "I told you so, but...bullshit. Yes I do. I told you so.

It is great getting news over the internet but there is a drawback as well. It is in many ways a sounding board and a manipulated sounding board as well. All too often it is like minded people visiting like minded sites and any news or opinion gets amplified like ripples in a pond. Hence the McCain is Dead storyline that reverberated back in mid-summer. It was wrong then and seems foolishly so now. There are a myriad of reasons for the McCain Comeback.

1) He was never really the front runner. He had the highest name recognition among Republican Candidates.

2) He was never really gone.

3) People are just now starting to focus on the election campaigns and as they do McCain gains.

4) Over the summer and early fall many people were saying "If I thought McCain could win, I would vote for him. Now that he is showing he can, those are McCain voters.

I don't believe in polls. I don't know who is first in the nation or in Iowa. I believe in trends and as we used to say on Wall Street "The trend is your friend." The trend is definitely the friend of John McCain.

So here are my predictions...which will probably come back to bite me...but if I am wrong? (There is always a first time so Bite Me.)

Iowa...Romney wins by paying $1000 to each caucus voter.

2nd...Huckabee or McCain.

Thompson? Stick a fork in him. He's done.

New Hampshire...McCain

South Carolina...McCain (Why? Because of the number of military and retired military and helped by the endorsement of Brownback a southern conservative...McCain takes over the Brownback campaing team.

Don't believe me...?

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