Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Horse - John McCain

My Horse - From

Well, the time has come. I began my writing stint here at Race42008 as an undecided voter, and I hope that that has given some level of credibility to my past writings, in which I have taken shots at, and given kudos to, pretty much everyone in the field. But, for about the last month or so, I’ve noticed that I’ve been losing that neutrality. I think, for the sake of honesty with you the reader, I have to come out of the closet: I have decided to support John McCain for President.

This may come as a surprise. Those who have paid attention know that I’m a libertarian-leaning, Federalist Republican. I am pro-Choice, but I oppose Roe v. Wade and I think the states should decide. I oppose gun control because the constitution protects the right to gun ownership. I oppose “comprehensive immigration reform” - whatever that means - and I want the border fence built now and an employment verification system set up immediately. I believe in low taxes and oppose federal tax increases. I opposed the Iraq War, but support the Surge. I oppose the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law. And, I think that the Patriot Act is mostly garbage.

I state my positions for the simple reason that they conflict with many of McCain’s. Many are probably wondering, “what’s a libertarian doing supporting McCain?” Fair question.

Here is why I’m supporting John McCain for President:

He is a born leader, and the most experienced one available on either side of the isle. As his position on the Surge made obvious, McCain cares more about America than he does about himself, and he does what he believes must be done, no matter how unpopular it is. And, he’s usually right about these things: from the surge to pork-barrel spending by Republicans, McCain was the voice in the desert WELL BEFORE the rest of the party came around to his position.
At the same time, McCain is flexible enough to get things done as President. He now supports securing the border FIRST, before any other immigration reform steps are taken. Why has he changed his position? Because he realized that Americans don’t trust the government to secure the border as part of a “package deal.” So, he has pledged to secure the border to earn the trust of ordinary Americans. McCain is smart enough to learn from his mistakes.

He has been a diplomat, and made peace with the same country that tortured him for 5 years. Unlike virtually every other Republican, McCain would vastly improve our foreign policy and diplomatic efforts. And he would do so without selling out America like Hillary and Obama and Co.

Because of his military service and his public service, McCain speaks with an unparelleled moral authority on the issues, both domestic and foreign.
He would maintain or lower tax rates, and more importantly, would begin the hard work of trimming spending and shrinking government. Each candidate has a plan to do this, but only Giuliani and McCain actually have records that support their rhetoric.
He is a Federalist. McCain correctly points out that the Republican, conservative, position on things like abortion and gay rights is not to have a blanket federal ban on these things, but rather to get the federal government out of the conversation, and leave these issues up to the states, so that the people can decide how they want to live and what their communities should be like.

He is pro-life AND has a pro-life record. Even though I’m pro-Choice and even though I disagree with the so-called Social Conservative wing of our party on virtually everything, McCain is a great compromise candidate on this issue. He’s not going to go around alienating the center with fire and brimstone talk on abortion and stem cells. But, Social Conservatives can certainly be comfortable with the man that Sam Brownback endorsed for President, so SoCons are unlikely to bolt from the party when presented with a candidate who has been consistently pro-life for his entire 20+ year public career, and who would appoint strict constructionist judges.
McCain will win the general election. He polls even with, or ahead of Clinton in national polls and performs better than Giuliani does against Clinton in most swing states. McCain puts some blue states like PA, OH, and MI into play in the general election - without jeopardizing the GOP’s southern flank and without the spectre of a pro-life 3rd-part candidacy.

John McCain is a candidate that virtually every Republican can get behind. He is good (or at least good enough) on all three prongs of the Reagan stool, and he can win. But, most importantly, he is the one person in this race with the experience, integrity, and courage to do the right things and make the hard choices for our future. You always know where he stands, and you know that he’ll keep taxes low, cut spending, appoint good judges, win in Iraq, and defend America.

I don’t agree with him on everything, but that doesn’t matter.


by Michael Lawrence

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