Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bloggers for McCain

The following is from a group of bloggers who support John McCain and are working to help spread his message throughout the blogger community. Led by Brad Marston, Patrick Bell and Katherine Morrison; these bloggers know how well John McCain's unique blend of Straight Talk and Experience suit the blogosphere and are leading the charge to make sure others do as well. From time to time these bloggers and others will make guest posts here on and I encourage everyone to visit their sites regularly.

Senator John McCain and his campaign are taking a very different road to the Whitehouse from the path that he appeared to be on a year ago. Similarly, we have all taken different paths to the point where we find ourselves, dedicated supporters of John McCain for President. We include; a life long Republican living in Massachusetts and converted Romney supporter because "McCain kept Straight Talking and I kept listening"; a grad student who met McCain face-to-face on the campaign stump and immediately realized this was the right man for the job; and a New Hampshire independent who had intended to follow the campaigns but remain independent until time to vote.

We all have our different reasons for supporting John McCain as do the other signatories to this post. One is his stance on Iraq and the wider war against radical Islamic extremism. McCain advocated the surge when it was politically unpopular to do so and the surge is working. Another is his long fight against pork-barrel spending and the corruption and attendant mistrust of government that it breeds. As a Senator, John McCain has shown his ability to reach across the aisle and generate support for proposals to address important problems that face this nation. Sometimes, it is not about politics. Sometimes it is about standing firm for first principles and leadership.

We feel it is natural to be bloggers supporting John McCain because of the support he has shown in reaching out to the blogger community. McCain understands the new media world, and whether it is spending time answering questions with bloggers on the Straight Talk Express or his frequent Blogger-Only conference calls, McCain takes the time and reaches out because "he gets it." Our goal is to increase the presence and impact of the McCain2008 e-campaign and invite you to contact the McCain Campaign, the three of us and the other signatories of this post with your comments, suggestions, and ideas for collaboration.

It would take wiser minds than ours to foresee both the challenges and opportunities that this great nation will face in the coming years. However, it takes no great wisdom to know that John McCain is unique in offering the "Courageous Service, Experienced Leadership and Bold Solutions" for America’s future. To this, we heartily agree, and invite you to join us on the "digital" Straight Talk Express.


Brad Marston, AZaMatteroFact, Straight Talkin’ Bloggers for McCain
Patrick Bell, Blogs4McCain,
Katherine Morrison, NH4McCain, McCain States


Brian Hofman, Contributor to
"You set the standard for what the modern day politician should be. Good luck to you, future President McCain!"

Jake Crider, Partisan American
"I support John McCain because he recognizes the most important issues of the day, and is more than willing to take them on."

Ethan Demme, My McCain Blog
"Bully For You John McCain!"

Stephen R. Maloney, Campaign2008VictoryA
"I believe Senator John McCain is one of the finest -- and bravest -- men this country has ever produced."

Austin Cassidy, McCainTalk
"America needs a leader like John McCain."

Steve Nizer, The Liberal Republican
"John McCain is uniquely qualified to lead America. I am honored to stand with him".

Sheridan B Folger, MadIrishmanInc.
"Another Strong Veteran for McCain."

Patrick Hickey, With Both Hands
"As an American who understands service, John McCain speaks from the heart on issues important to voters."

Tony GOPrano, PoliticaMafioso

Matt M., New Jersey for McCain
"New Jersey and John McCain...Perfect Together"

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