Tuesday, November 20, 2007

McCain Online Buzz

Reprint from http://mccain08olc.blogspot.com/2007/11/buzz-is-growing-for-mccain.html

We got a great e-mail from Tony GOPrano over at PoliticoMafioso about the growing buzz on-line about John McCain.

While we'd love to take credit for it (and Tony very graciously offers some), we think it has more to do with Senator McCain himself as well as established bloggers such as Adam C. over at RedState who filed these two posts:

Red State Blog: On The Bus With McCain: Sights And Sounds and on Rep. Flake explaining why conservatives should support McCain

From the Pollster.com Blog on how McCain runs best against Hillary in Iowa and Ohio.

ABC News’ Political Radar Blog: McCain Electability Over Clinton

By ABC News's Ron Claiborne and Bret Hovell.

And finally, there is a great “call to arms” for bloggers and other supporters for McCain over at The Mad Irishman’s Conservative Consortium.

So there is an increased buzz on-line for John McCain. That is, thanks to McCain himself and the blogs above. If we have had some small impact we are gratified.

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