Saturday, February 23, 2008

NYT Attacks Giuliani and McCain

The few people that I have seen come to the defense of the NYT have stated that they didn't think it was fair to say that the article was written with the intent to undermine the Republican nominee. The fact that the NYT smeared Mayor Giuliani only a few months ago then burried a retraction in the back of their paper adds to this theory, and explicitly shows their lack of integrity and journalistic chops. Some have noted that this story is unifying conservatives, but I think it also needs to be noted that people across the political spectrum are coming to the defense of Senator McCain. This article is an affront to fair minded people of all political persuasions. The Times itself admits,

"Personally, I was surprised by the volume of the reaction (including more than 2,400 reader comments posted on our Web site). I was surprised by how lopsided the opinion was against our decision, with readers who described themselves as independents and Democrats joining Republicans in defending Mr. McCain from what they saw as a cheap shot."

The NYT has shown repeatedly that it lacks credibility and is more than willing to run unsubstantiated drivel to sell a paper. Just look at how their effect on the Giuliani campaign...


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