Thursday, March 8, 2012

Facebook Bringing Lists and Personalized News to a New Crowd

Mashable is reporting a new Facebook feature that takes a step towards providing a feed become something like a personalized newspaper. By grouping subscriptions by topic you can have selected news populate chosen lists. This isn't an earth shattering idea, Twitter has lists, and rss feeds already do this too. However, bring it to Facebook offers this type of service to a whole new crowd of users, making it an interesting development for Facebook.

Facebook Interest Lists Turn Your Feed Into a Personalized Newspaper

"Facebook introduced a new tool Thursday that allows you to organize your newsfeed into a personalized newspaper.

The feature, which will be rolled out to users in the coming weeks, lets you create and subscribe to topical feeds such as “Recipes” or “Fashion.” Under a list for “Sports,” for instance, you could add the public Facebook pages of all of your favorite teams, athletes, publications and pundits."

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