Monday, August 31, 2009

Jaycee Lee Dugard Reuniting with Family

News on Jaycee Lee Dugard reuniting with family. Abducted at age 11 and imprisoned for 18 years, concern about the long term affects of her treatment/detention remain.

From the NY Daily News, Jaycee Lee Dugard's struggle to re-enter society after 18 years in captivity

Things started well, said FBI Special Agent Chris Campion, who worked on the case for nearly two decades and was present at last week's ecstatic reunion between mom Terry Probyn and Dugard, the daughter she last saw at age 11.

"There's going to be a period of adjustment, no doubt, but they're doing very well at this point," he said in an FBI podcast.

"It was a very emotional scene - both of them were just overjoyed to be with each other again," he said. "The two daughters are probably as happy as Jaycee is to be part of this family."

Shayna Probyn, 19, who was an infant when Dugard was kidnapped, wrote in a MySpace message, "I have a lot of love to share with my sister and new nieces."

The family is intent on making things easy for Dugard, now 29, and her daughters, 15 and 11.

They are being kept out of the public eye, and relatives and officials aren't saying where they are staying.

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