Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why It’s Okay for Democrats and Independents to Vote McCain

Experience; that's the short answer. Experience is not a minor issue, ask any employer what they look for in a job applicant and see if there are any who don't rank experience as a top requirement. For Independents a vote for McCain is hardly a stretch. Senator McCain has exhibited an independent streak over the years that has endeared him to many Independent voters. If you look at the primary results it was Independents that either put him over the top, or gave him his margin of victory in numerous states. Senator McCain is also well liked among many of his Democrat colleagues. President Clinton, Senators Clinton, Biden, and Fiengold have all made glowing statements about Senator McCain. These comments have been far more complimentary than some made by conservatives that don't appreciate Senator McCain's penchant for breaking with the party line. Senator McCain has a history of not only getting along with Democrats, but working with them on successful pieces of legislation. For moderate or conservative Democrats they may have issues where they disagree with Senator McCain, but the prevalent belief is that Congress will remain under Democratic control, and Senator McCain clearly can work with those Democrats to create a balanced government.

Finally the party faithful, and liberal Democrats. It's understandable why some on the left would find it difficult to vote for any Republican if they never have before, or if they have strong objections to the Republican party. Senator McCain is an unrepentant Republican, but he has also repeatedly put his country's interest before that of his party or himself. He has long championed the idea that people 'dedicate themselves to something beyond their own self interest'. He has not just talked about it, but has lived it, and his family has lived it, as his sons currently serve in the military. Senator McCain has a superb human rights record. He was a critical player in getting anti-torture legislation passed. He consistently is a champion of the oppressed whether it is in Myanmar, Georgia, or Darfur.

Other Democrats and Independents are also coming to the conclusion that Senator McCain is the most qualified candidate ready to become President of the United States...

Lisa Sisinni: Why I, a Clinton supporter, will vote for John McCain
I've never voted for a Republican presidential candidate, but this year is different. I'm voting for John McCain.

Throughout the primary season, I supported Hillary Clinton. Between the final two Democratic contenders, Hillary was the only candidate who demonstrated leadership and a true understanding of key issues. She inspired millions of women around the country, Democrats and Republicans alike.

When Barack Obama became the presumptive Democrat nominee, I was faced with a difficult question: Could I support a candidate who gives good speeches but has no substance and little experience? No.

Angry Clinton supporters toast McCain, roast Obama
The last place Kathy Archuleta could have ever imagined she'd spend the first night of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, was at a happy hour sponsored by the Republican Party.

But the 54-year-old Democrat joined several other Hillary Clinton supporters, along with volunteers and officials from John McCain's campaign, at a Happy Hour for Hillary.

The event, sponsored by the Republican National Committee and approved by the McCain campaign, was a chance for McCain and Clinton supporters to come together for one cause: their opposition to Barack Obama's candidacy.

Why It’s Okay for Democrats and Independents to Vote McCain

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