Monday, June 9, 2008

Obama's Merry Band of Scoundrels

The Red State article "Obama's Finance Chair: Another subprime lender problem" notes that it's more than just Jim Johnson who was mixed in Coutrywide and the subprime mortgage. Senator Obama criticized Clinton's Mark Penn for the same thing Johnson, and other upper level staffers in his own campaign, are mixed up in.

"So Obama is attacking CEOs of subprime lenders. And his Finance Chairman was the Chairman of a subprime lender that went under because of poor oversight. One of his major donors is the CEO of another one. And the person making his VP recommendation got a sweetheart deal from another."

This doesn't even touch on his dealings with Tony Rezco the convicted felon, a former Obama fundraiser who helped Senator Obama buy property while under indictment. Nor does it touch on Obama's following among radicals like Bill Ayers who admittedly bombed the Pentagon and hosted an Obama fundraiser. It doesn't discuss the 20 year relationship Senator Obama had with Reverend Wright, or with Father Pfleger previously listed on his website as a spiritual adviser and member of Catholics for Obama who decried Senator Clinton as a racist with no provocation. Senator Obama's campaign looks more and more like old school Chicago politics everyday, and with friends like these who needs enemies.

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